Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gentlemen, mount your cycles!

After reading more bicycle blogs than I can remember, and after riding bicycles for more years than I'd care to admit, I think it's finally time for me to put some content back into the farrago of the internet. The focus of this blog will be -- as its title suggests -- what I might consider to be "proper" gentlemen's bicycles. (Each of those three words is quite loaded, wouldn't you say?) That means, among other things, one won't find any glow-in-the-dark 36-speed, nanofiber-framed bicycles here. But the sorts of things that one might find here will, I hope, prove to be interesting and singular.

A couple of explanations may be in order. Why the gender-specificity of the blog? It is because many of my favorite blogs are written by women and predominantly read by women, and their focus on the aesthetic experience of riding is something largely missed by most gender-neutral or androcentric blogs. I'd like to explore a similar path, but from a male perspective. And the name? I'll explain that more fully in an up-coming blog entry, but it goes back to the original name for the bicycle -- the "dandy horse". And it lends itself to description as well, as in "that's a dandy cycle, sir!"

I chose today to launch this blog because it happens to be the day of the second annual SF Tweed Run. In anticipation of this event, I've spent the past week cleaning and fettling my old bicycle, as well as my wife's new (old) cycle. When I come back, I will bring with me an illustrated account of the day's activities. Please check back tonight!

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